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Building a career at Savoir-faire Linux means collaborating towards creation of a freer digital world. Working at Savoir-faire Linux also entails being part of an experienced, diverse and multicultural team with passion for open technologies!

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"We are leaders of the free and open source software industry"

Savoir-faire Linux recognizes your skills and creates the conditions to nurture and expand them without compromise. Throughout its history, Savoir-faire Linux has placed its teams expertise at the core of its service offering. We have developed a culture of knowledge sharing and collaboration that allows us to learn from each other and reach out to our communities.

Lauranne Vera

Digital innovation, web and mobility

« People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care. » - John C. Maxwell

Graduate in Computer Engineering and Organizational Management, I started in Savoir-Faire Linux as an intern in mobile development. Now, I work on continuous improvement of my colleagues' work practices while helping them manage web projects. My goal: to create an environment that encourages the professional development of my colleagues!


  • Collect employees feedback on their daily work
  • Help set up natural problem-solving processes in teams
  • Promote the relationship between employees and management
  • Web projects management

Khaled Bali

Integration platforms

« I gave a party for time-travelers ... I sat there a long time, but no one came » - Stephen Hawking

Holding a master’s degree in computer engineering from Algeria and Canada, I’m currently working at Savoir-faire Linux as a Tech Lead within the Integration Platform team. Being part of Savoir-faire Linux since 2016, the challenges I have faced have continued to evolve and have allowed me to develop new skills in the open source environment.


  • Developement and management of Java and Liferay projects
  • Team management
  • Code review

Antoine Girard-Vallée

Systèmes Embarqués

There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story. - Frank Herbert

Holder of a degree in Computer Engineering at the University of Sherbrooke, I joined Savoir-faire Linux to take up the challenges of embedded projects after a first professional experience on an embedded Voip project (telecommunication analysis).


  • Linux kernel driver development and maintenance
  • Installation of custom distribution generators (Yocto and Buildroot)
  • Application programming in C/C ++

Sébastien Blin

Équipe Jami

A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving. - Lao Tseu.

Holder of a Double Diploma Master respectively in computer science at UQAC in Quebec and Computer science engineering in Rennes, I am passionate about free software and robotics. I started as an intern in 2017 at Savoir-faire Linux within the Jami team, then I became a Jami developer and free software consultant.


  • Management of all aspects related to the connectivity of the application (file transfers, Sip calls, etc.)
  • Development of the client library
  • Code review and tests

Jacob Cook

Digital innovation, web and mobility

« Begin at once to live, and count each separate day as a separate life. » - Seneca

Trained in Web Development, I am presently the Vice President of the Digital Innovation, Web and Mobility department. Truly passionate about creating quality software in the free and open-source field, I am particularly interested in decentralization of traditional networks and communication methods. My experience as the maintainer of several open-source software projects led me to work for Savoir-faire Linux where I manage specific projects for clients, with the same rigor and interest.


  • Oversight of the Web and Mobile teams
  • Coaching and management of team HR
  • Crafting service offers and setting technical direction
  • Django and Node.js software development

Yannick Adanminakou


« Make thy thought an empire...Do what thy manhood bids thee do, from none but self expect applause. » - Kasidah, Richard F. Burton

Holding a master’s degree in e-Commerce, I am presently the Account Manager and Head of Training Department at Savoir-faire Linux. I am passionate about corporate finance, digital technologies and knowledge economy fields. My vocational experience and formal education have helped me better understand the interrelationships between digital technologies and firm-level economic performance. I am always curious to anticipate the impacts of the digital transformation strategies in the broader context of society.


  • Customer relationship management for severals departments
  • New projects development and contracts management
  • Corporate training planning and follow-up

Mojgan Mahaki

Infrastructures and systems Architecture

« If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together  » - African proverb

Holding a bachelor's degree in computer engineering, I joined Savoir-faire Linux in 2016 as a trainee. Later, I became a GNU/Linux system administrator and a free software consultant. I gradually took charge of internal IT support activities and performed tasks such as installing workstations, preparing training digital environments and dealing with various corporate infrastructure servers.


  • GNU / Linux servers administration (RedHat, Centos, Ubuntu, Debian)
  • Infrastructure and Linux environment configuration (employees workstations, servers, training environment)
  • Employees and clients IT support
  • Company Directory Administration (Open LDAP, FusionDirectory)
  • Maintenance of virtual platforms (KVM)

Main contributions

  • Development of an intercom using
  • Spark the Change Montreal 2018
  • Volunteer in the Club Avenir association
  • Montreal JavaUserGroup participant
  • AstroMcGill workshops participant
  • Design and specification of work machines (in Montreal and Rennes)
  • Porting of a Zigbee stack to version 3.0 for a connected product
  • Patchs in pjproject
  • Patchs Resdbed
  • Conference at FOSDEM
  • Creation of a decentralized and self-hosted software platform: arkOS
  • Creation of news aggregator
  • Maintainer of several open-source libraries, like python-nginx
  • TR DESIGN co-founder, creator of the leather goods brand FENOSKIN (Lyon, France)
  • Developing e-commerce projects (e.g., web integration platform for supermarkets), ICI 2014, Côte d’Ivoire
  • Contributing to Persian translation of GNU Ring project
  • Lauranne Vera

In a Few Words

Pioneers in Free and Open Source technologies

Savoir-faire Linux is an outstanding team of 60 Free and open-source software consultants providing, since 1999, consulting services, integration, development and technology training.
Our offices are currently located in Montreal and Rennes.

Product Engineering Icône pour représenter l'ingénierie produits. Product Engineering
Designing embedded systems running on Linux and Android, Developing software and applications for connected devices projects, Developing hardware drivers, R&D
Infrastructure Icône pour représenter l'infrastructure. Infrastructure
Servers, Cloud computing, virtualization, IP telephony, Networks, Monitoring
Integration Platforms {% trans "Icône pour représenter les plateformes d’intégration." Integration Platforms
Portals & documents management, Customized virtual collaboration tools, Data integration & analysis, Big data analytic
In a Few Words Illustration des six aspects des technologies open-source que nous offrons.
Enterprise Solutions Icône pour représenter les solutions d’entreprise. Enterprise Solutions
Web portals, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Electronic Document Management (EDM), Process Management (BPM), Business Intelligence (BI)
Web & Mobile Applications Icone pour représenter les technologies web. Web & Mobile Applications
Mobile & web development, Adaptive & responsive web design, Content management system (CMS), UI/UX, Accessibility
Training and knowledge-based economy Icône pour représenter la formation et économie du savoir. Training and knowledge-based economy
More than 60 basic & advanced technical trainings, Advanced Business & Training Partner of Red Hat (Canada), Platinum Partner of Liferay (Canada), Member of the Linux Foundation (Global)

Unmistakable features

10 reasons to choose Savoir-faire Linux

  • Le Gnu Icône du Gnu dessiné par Aurelio A. Heckert.

    Our DNA

    Contributing to free and open source software and the pursuit of our commitments to social and environmental responsibility have been at the core of our DNA since the very beginning.

  • Formation Icône pour représenter la formation.

    Training and certifications

    Savoir-faire Linux encourages continuing education and the acquisition of new skills by offering the possibility of obtaining recognized certifications.

  • Bowling Icône de bowling qui représente les activités de groupe.

    Social club

    Our social club regularly offers playful and interesting activities for employees and their families.

  • Parapluie qui protège des intempéries Icone d'un parapluie qui représente la protection des assurances collective

    Collective Insurance

    Our eligible employees are part of an excellent compensation and benefits package.

  • Multicultural environment

    Multicultural environment

    We are committed to diversity and inclusion and we already count a dozen nationalities among our growing team.

  • Membres d'équipes passionnantes. Icone qui représente les membres d'équipes passionnantes.

    Passionate Teams

    If you are passionate about technologies, fascinated by free & open source cool projects, and have an itch to share your mind, this is your place to be! We have hundreds of enthusiasts from 25 nationalities.

  • Mentoring

    Our new employees are accompanied by peer mentors to facilitate their integration and participation in the life of the company.

  • Horloge Icône pour représenter les horaires flexibles.

    Flexible Work Hours

    We place great importance on the work-life balance and personal lifestyle of our employees.

  • Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)

    We actively participate in achieving your retirement savings goals.

  • Continuous Improvement

    The quality of our service is essential to us at Savoir-faire Linux, and we are constantly working to refine our practices and our service offerings.

Career opportunities

Open Positions


Full stack developer/ System engineer

#embedded #linux #c #opensource #productowner

Savoir-faire Linux develops systems based on Linux and implementing embedded and connected applications for industries such as aeronautics, home automation, manufacturing and healthcare.

Offer description

Job type: Permanent
Start date: 2020
Location: Montreal
Mobility: Yes
Annual salary: Competitive + Social Benefits
Spoken languages: French and English


  • Design, evaluate and develop embedded systems based on Linux;
  • As a consultant, you will be representing our expertise in front of our clients;
  • Collaborate with internal and customer-side teams in product innovation;
  • Participate in development of the Jami project;
  • Participate to reviews and improvements of our development processes.


  • Experience in related fields such as multimedia, security, industrial control or machine learning;
  • Participation in one or more open source projects;
  • Familiarity with the hardware architecture of computer systems;
  • Experience with Linux system generators such as Yocto and Buildroot.


  • Experience in development and/or architecture of Linux systems;
  • Mastery of a native programming language, an interpreted language, and shell scripting;
  • Bachelor/Master's degree in computer science or related field;
  • Comfortable with inter-personal communication (we are a services company and work with several local and remote teams);
  • English/French (spoken and written).

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Project GNU Jami- C / C ++ Application Developer

C / C ++ Linux, Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, Android TV PJSIP, GNUTLS, FFMPEG, Ethereum

The GNU Jami team is looking for full stack, passionate and versatile developers. A high priority project of the Free Software Foundation, the GNU Jami Universal Communication Application ( requires the contribution of experts in software engineering to address advanced technological challenges which are specific to distributed networks, multimedia streaming and blockchain.

Offer description

Job type: Permanent
Start date: Now
Location: Montréal
Mobility: Yes
Annual salary: To be negotiated
Spoken languages: French and English


  • Participate actively and flexibly in the development of the application on different platforms (Linux, Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, Android TV);
  • Work with different types of teams and collaborate with many open source communities (ffmpeg, pjsip, gnutls, ...);
  • Define the architecture, analyze and estimate the software components;
  • Participate in reviews and improvement of development processes;
  • Bring your expertise to other related projects of the company.


  • Expertise in Android and Windows development;
  • Knowledge of cryptography and / or knowledge of low-level network protocols;
  • Knowledge of PJSIP, GNUTLS, FFMPEG, Ethereum;
  • Significant contributions to open source projects.


  • Excellent level in C / C ++ and software engineering tools (git, gerrit, Jenkins, ...);
  • Bachelor's degree / Master's degree / PhD in computer science or related field;
  • We are looking for team players who are meticulous, honest and empathetic;
  • At ease in interpersonal communication (we are a service company and collaborate with many local and distant teams);
  • Bilingual English / French (spoken and written);
  • Good developer reflexes including revision control systems (Git), code review (Gerrit), validation tests, project management (Redmine) and IC (Jenkins);
  • Demonstrates an ability to research, adapt and use tools to effectively solve problems.

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Embedded systems (Rennes-France)

#opensource #embedded #embarqué #linux #yocto

Savoir-faire Linux est un bureau d’études installé à Rennes depuis quelques années et dont la maison mère est située à Montréal au Canada depuis 20 ans. Dans le cadre du développement de nos activités en France, nous souhaitons recruter un(e) ingénieur(e) systèmes embarqués pour notre bureau de Rennes.

Offer description

Job type: CDI
Start date: 2020
Location: Rennes
Mobility: Oui
Annual salary: À discuter
Spoken languages: French and English


Vous intégrerez notre équipe ''Ingénierie Produits'' pour participer au développement de logiciels de nos clients. Dans un mode de fonctionnement Agile, vous pouvez participer à toutes les étapes de nos projets :

  • Rencontre des clients
  • Conseil
  • Recueil et évaluation des besoins techniques et fonctionnels
  • Conception et développement
  • Tests unitaires et d’intégration.

Le contexte technique et humain:

  • Vous concevez, évaluez et développez des systèmes embarqués basés sur Linux le plus souvent
  • Vous collaborez avec vos collègues rennais et montréalais et ainsi qu’avec les équipes de nos clients
  • Vous participez aux revues et à l'amélioration des processus de développement.
  • Vous travaillez avec une équipe d’expert sur des projets innovants


Nous utilisons Git, Redmine, Gerrit et Jenkins. Nous pratiquons la revue de code  et l’intégration continue. Chaque commit est revu et partagé par tous dans l’objectif de produire un code robuste et maintenable pour des clients industriels.


Ce qu’on recherche chez un candidat

  • Une expérience de développement et/ou architecture sur systèmes Linux ;
  • La maîtrise d'un langage de programmation natif, d'un langage interprété, et du scripting shell;
  • Une formation supérieure (cursus universitaire ou école d’ingénieurs) en informatique (domaine connexe ou expérience significative);
  • Une personne qui sait communiquer au sein d’une équipe en locale ou à distance
  • Français/Anglais (écrit et parlé)

Les atouts qui peuvent faire la différence

  • Expérience avec les générateurs de systèmes Linux tels que Yocto et Buildroot;
  • Expérience sur des domaines connexes tels que multimédia, sécurité, contrôle industriel ou machine learning;
  • Participation à un ou plusieurs projets open source, nous avons une activité R&D centrée sur le développement du logiciel libre GNU JAMi, sur lequel vous pourriez être amené à contribuer.
  • Familiarité avec l'architecture matérielle (ARM, X86).


Déroulement des entretiens

Si votre candidature nous intéresse, nous vous contacterons pour :

  1. Un premier échange téléphonique
  2. Un entretien technique avec notre direction technique
  3. Un entretien avec notre direction

Chez Savoir-faire Linux, vous aurez l’occasion de travailler avec une équipe d’experts sur des projets internationaux. Notre bureau est situé à proximité de la gare de Rennes et est très bien desservi par les transports en commun. Rejoignez-nous!

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GNU/Linux IT Infrastructure specialist

#infrastructure #automation #sysadmin #linux #devops #cloud #network

Savoir-faire Linux is looking for a free software consultant with real-word experience in designing and managing production IT infrastructure (on premise, virtual and cloud servers).

Offer description

Job type: Permanent
Start date: Now
Location: Montréal
Mobility: sometimes
Annual salary: Depending on skills and experience
Spoken languages: French and English


  • Contribute to the design of new systems (dedicated, virtual, cloud based) for Savoir-faire Linux and our customers;
  • Maintain and administer GNU/Linux systems;
  • Automate configuration management and deployment pipelines;
  • Support internal users and external clients, with possibility of on-call support outside business hours;
  • Write documentation;
  • Create and deliver technical training.


  • Red Hat certifications;
  • Experience with RPM and DEB packaging;
  • Ability to create and deliver training;
  • Knowledge of Gitlab and Jenkins;
  • Experience in deploying Kubernetes and OpenShift 4;
  • Knowledge of BSD systems (OpenBSD, FreeBSD/PFsense);
  • Knowledge of Cisco command line interface.
  • Knowledge of Puppet.


  • Bilingual (English and French);
  • Univeristy Degree in Computer Science / Engineering / IT (or equivalent) at least a Bachelor's Degree;
  • At least 2 years of experience in production IT infrastructure management;
  • Right to work in Canada (valid work permit or permanent residence or canadian citizenship);
  • You should be comfortable to manage any popular GNU/Linux distro (Ubuntu/Debian, CentOS/RHEL), web servers (Nginx, Apache), databases (MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL), KVM virtualization, containers (docker/podman), LDAP authentication.
  • Understanding of network systems (IPv4 and IPv6, routing, firewall, VPN, VLAN, etc.);
  • Ability to listen and understand customer's needs;
  • Ability to work without supervision;
  • Knowledge of Linux operating systems, virtualization and containers;
  • Bash and Python scripting;
  • Knowledge of at least one public cloud provider (Azure, AWS, GCP, OVH Cloud);
  • Knowledge of Ansible.


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Embedded Systems Consultant (Montreal- Canada)

Embedded systems

Savoir-faire Linux develops systems based on Linux and implementing embedded and connected applications for industries such as aeronautics, home automation, manufacturing and healthcare.

Offer description

Job type: Permanent
Start date: Now
Location: Montréal
Mobility: No
Annual salary: To be negotiated
Spoken languages: English and French


You will join our Product Engineering team to participate in the development of our customers' software. In an agile mode of operation, you can participate in all stages of our projects:

  • Meeting with customers
  • Consulting
  • Collection and evaluation of technical and functional needs
  • Design and development
  • Unit and integration testing
  • Knowledge transfer through training and coaching

The technical and human context:

You will:

  • Design, evaluate and develop embedded systems based on Linux mostly
  • Collaborate with your colleagues in Montreal and Rennes and with our customers' teams
  • Participate in reviews and improvements of development processes
  • Work with a team of experts on innovative projects

We use Git, Redmine, Gerrit and Jenkins. We practice code review and continuous integration. Each commit is reviewed and shared by the team with the objective of producing robust and maintainable code for the industry.


What we look for in a candidate:

  • Experience in development and/or architecture on Linux systems;
  • Proficiency in a native programming language, an interpreted language, and shell scripting;
  • Higher education (university degree or engineering) in computer science (related field or significant experience);
  • A person who knows how to communicate within a local or remote team
  • French/English (written and spoken)

Assets that can make a difference:

  • Experience with Linux system generators such as Yocto and Buildroot;
  • Experience in related fields such as multimedia, security, industrial control or machine learning;
  • Participation in one or more open source projects, we have an R&D activity focused on the development of the GNU Jami open source software, which you may be asked to contribute to.
  • Familiarity with hardware architecture (ARM, X86).


Interview process

If your application interests us, we will contact you for:

  • An initial telephone interview
  • A technical interview with our technical management
  • An interview with our management
  • At Savoir-faire Linux, you will have the opportunity to work with a team of experts on international projects. Our offices are located near the Jean-Talon market and is very well served by public transportation.

Come and join us!

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Unsolicited application

There's no match for you?

No problem. If you would like to work with us, don't hesitate to send us your open application.

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